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Baxter recently launched the DeviceVue asset tracking solution for hospitals using its Sigma Spectrum infusion system.

The product was designed to help clinicians and biomedical engineers quickly find unused pumps by viewing pump location and status data from their computers or phones.

The company said it is the first and only smart infusion pump manufacturer to offer an end-to-end asset tracking solution.

“Healthcare leaders today are required to deliver clinical and financial return on every dollar spent,” Scott Luce, GM of Baxter’s U.S. hospital products business, said in prepared remarks.

“Baxter is committed to continually enhancing the award-winning Sigma Spectrum Infusion System through technologies like DeviceVue that drive operational efficiencies and help facilities maximize clinical value.”

Instead of using external radio frequency identification tags, DeviceVue tracks a signal emitted from the pump’s wireless radio that provides the device’s location, whether it’s in use and the status of the pump’s battery, wireless network connection and drug library.


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