Skytron, Draeger Medical, and TRUMPF to Drive the Surgical Boom Market to Over $260 Million by 2019 in U.S., Europe and Japan


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According to a global report entitled “Global Surgical Lighting, Surgical Booms and Surgical Tables” released by iData Research (, the total surgical boom market is expected to reach over $260 million by 2019 in U.S., Europe and Japan combined. Growth is driven by the increased demand for integrated operating rooms (ORs), particularly hybrid integrated ORs. Hybrid ORs require almost twice as many booms as traditional integrated ORs.


Japan leads the trend for using boom systems in ICUs, whereas this shift is just beginning in the U.S. and Europe.  In Japan, intensive care units (ICU) account for over 35% of units sold in the overall surgical booms market. “Surgical booms are often bought using the construction budget in Japan; therefore during renovations and new builds the market experiences a drastic increase,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “Otherwise, this is very much a replacement market as many facilities tend to postpone purchasing new equipment.”

In Europe, some countries, such as France, Germany and the U.K., are leading in the adoption of integrated ORs. The markets in Spain, Portugal and Italy are experiencing declines in units sold due to the economic and political issues they are experiencing. This has resulted in a halt to initiate large projects in depressed markets.

Increased competition between companies is expected to drive down global average selling prices through to 2019.  The Northern European countries, along with the U.K., are anticipated to experience the greatest decrease in prices, while Germany, is expected to show the slowest decrease along with Portugal. Even with new, innovative features, prices will decrease as competition increases, especially from Asia.

Notable key competitors in the global surgical booms market include STERIS with their Harmony® product line, Skytron, Draeger Medical, MAQUET, TRUMPF and Central-Uni Co., the Japanese distributor for the Germany-based company TRUMPF.


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This release is derived from the global report series on the Markets for Video, High – Tech and Integrated Operating Room Equipment. The global series covers U.S., 15 counties in Europe, and Japan. The full reports provide a comprehensive analysis including units sold, market value, forecasts, as well as a detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success strategies in each market and segment.


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