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According to a new series of reports on the US market for interventional oncology devices by iData Research, the cancer tumor ablation device market is expected to exhibit ongoing growth due to a shift towards newer and more expensive procedures. As cancer rates continue to rise in the aging US population, the substantial increase in the patient base drives surgeons to resort to tumor ablation in order to reduce post-surgical discomfort in patients. Tumor ablation alleviates many of the problems associated with open surgical procedures such as risk of infection and scarring, while accelerating recovery time.

This market expansion has primarily been the result of growth in ablation probe sales across the three different modalities: cryoablation, microwave ablation and radio frequency ablation (RFA). AngioDynamics is the leader in the tumor ablation device market with their popular StarBurst® radio RFA portfolio accounting for over half of the entire RFA market. AngioDynamics’ acquisition of Microsulis Medical in 2013 added the Acculis® microwave ablation system to their portfolio, which continues to make inroads in the oncology device market.

Similar to AngioDynamics, Covidien is a major competitor in the tumor ablation device market, capturing nearly one-third of the overall market. The new microwave Emprint® and RFA systems are gaining market share. In order to remain competitive, AngioDynamics has introduced its NanoKnife® system, a product that uses a completely different type of technology known as irreversible electroporation ablation, and it has received FDA clearance to market this product.

“Success in the ablation market will be achieved by selling more than one ablation modality,” explains Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “However, radio frequency ablation has been established as a standard of care in the tumor ablation space and will continue to maintain notable procedural volume and market share for many years to come.”

In the US, there are approximately 600 facilities that offer tumor ablation treatments. While some sites may have all three types of ablation capabilities, many only have one. Despite the number of ablation sites available, approximately 80% of all tumor ablation procedures are performed by the top 30% of facilities. Large-scale, high-volume facilities receive substantial discounts in their purchases of both disposables and capital equipment. Many facilities also receive capital equipment royalty-free in exchange for buying a certain amount of disposables per annum.

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