We recently pulled aside one of our senior analysts to inquire about what she’s up to…here’s what she said:

Q: What project are you currently working on?

A: Brazil Small Joints and Large Joints as well as U.S Small Joints.


Q: What are you finding interesting about these projects?

A: “The market in Brazil is still very new and not many products are registered yet, for example ankle implants and subtalar implants. Interest in entering into the Brazilian market is high so currently there is plenty of potential here and it’s an exciting time for Brazil. However, Anvisa’s recent strike has slowed things down considerably.”


Q: What has surprised you so far?

A: “I’m learning that Brazilian companies are currently developing large joint products for hip and knee, but very few are producing small joint products.”


Q: When can we expect this report to be available?

A: “Toward the end of this year.”


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