Alpinion E-CUBE-i7

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Seoul, South Korea based Alpinion Medical Systems announced its new E-CUBE i7 portable ultrasound system. The E-CUBE i7 is intended for both common ultrasound applications as well as specialty uses in anesthesia, ER, pain management, and orthopedics. The system comes equipped with Alpinion’s Needle Vision technology that helps track needles during placement while maintaining visualization of the surrounding tissues. The E-CUBE i7 system is characterized by its laptop-style combination of comprehensive capabilities like a sliding keyboard cover and compact, user-optimized design. The device also comes with Alpinion’s Crystal Signature transducers and runs software optimizers that provide speckle reduction, spatial compounding, and harmonic imaging.

Alpinion made the following statement in a recent press release regarding their new product:

The system comes with 8 transducers, including linear, convex, phased array and endocavity transducers to provide scanning solutions for a wide range of clinical cases. In particular, the hockey stick-shaped IO8-17T is ideal choice forrheumatology practices. The IO8-17T providing extreme high frequency images improves Joint aspiration and injection accuracy and offers excellent resolution in the extreme near field, while the shape enables the user to easily maneuver the device into tight spots without losing grip.


It has a 15.6 inch wide, high resolution LED monitor with IPS technology to relieve eye strain and provide a clear image from all viewing angles. The E-CUBE i7’s dramatically reduced fan noise is roughly equivalent to the level of sound in a library. With the advantage of SSD technology, the E-CUBE i7 is ready for scanning in fewer than 45 seconds from start-up.

Established in 2007 as a value innovator providing complete ultrasound solutions, ALPINION has been dedicated to technological and consumer-led innovation in the fields of medical transducers, diagnostics, research, and therapeutic ultrasound (US-guided HIFU). With its focus on the core imaging technology and acoustic engineering superiority, ALPINION provides customers with uniform and fundamentally excellent imaging performance throughout the whole product lifetime. Currently, ALPINION products are exported to 68 countries across the globe.

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