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ACTEON North America has announced it will now be marketing and distributing EXPASYL™ under the ACTEON brand name.

EXPASYL™ is a gingival retraction paste that provides unmatched performance offering effective and atraumatic sulcular opening. It is ideal for obtaining superior conventional impressions and a must for those using digital CAD/CAM technology, as there is no risk of damaging the epithelial attachment, resumption of bleeding, gingival recession or pain for the patient, which is very common using other options such as cords. EXPASYL™ has over 15 years of clinical evidence and is recommended by dentists worldwide for its effectiveness.

Tim Long, COO of ACTEON North America said “We are extremely proud and excited to bring EXPASYL™ home to the ACTEON line of products. EXPASYL™ created the gingival retraction paste market over 15 years ago and we will continue to build on the long and proven success of this product.”

ACTEON North America is part of The ACTEON Group, a world leader in small equipment and consumables for dentists. The ACTEON Group’s products include Equipment, Imaging, and Pharmaceuticals. ACTEON continually develops innovative products for its growing international dental market

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