Recent results from the second phase of Abbott LaboratoriesABSORB Trial have been positive for the company’s bioabsorbable vascular stents.

The results did not show cases of blood clots, any need for repeat procedures and a low rate of cardiac complications.  This new data confirms results received during the first three-year phase of the trial and helps to solidify the future of bioabsorable materials in the minds of interventional cardiologists.

The ABSORB trial, which stands for “A bioabsorbable everolimus-eluting coronary stent system for patients with single de-novo coronary artery lesions,” is a worldwide, non-randomized two phase study that focuses on the safety, performance and easy of use of bioabsorbable devices.  Assessment of participating patients is expected to occur every six months, with additional clinical follow-ups planned for up to five years after the trial is completed.

More information on Abbott Laboratories’ ABSORB Trial can be found at the following link:

Abbot Announces Positive Data from ABSORB Trial on its Bioabsorbable Vascular Scaffold Technology