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Our latest guest column on Med Device Online is now available. This month, iData Research Senior Dental Market Research Analyst, Celine Mashkoor, and CEO Kamran Zamanian take a look at the regulatory issues and competitive environment of the Asia-Pacific dental bone graft market. The following is an excerpt of the article.

Development of the dental bone graft substitute (DBGS) market in Asia-Pacific has greatly lagged behind the progress made in the United States. Allografts are widely used in the United States and have grown to become the DBGS material of choice by the majority of dental professionals. However, allograft DBGS materials remain a small market in Asia-Pacific. The region remains highly reliant on synthetic and autogenous bone for dental bone graft procedures.


In the past, local companies in the region lacked sufficient resources to invest in research and development of biomaterials. But recently, domestic companies have emerged to produce and distribute DBGS products to their local markets. Qualified donor tissues of allograft materials are highly scarce in the region and technological advances of xenograft materials are more recent and require extensive clinical trials. Consequently, the region remains highly dependent on foreign imports for DBGS products.


However, stringent medical device regulations in Australia, South Korea, Japan, and China limit foreign competition, especially within the allograft and xenograft markets. Recent medical device approvals and domestic R&D efforts are set to alter market trends and generate significant DBGS market growth for the Asia-Pacific market.

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