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A new digital image guidance platform (Surgical Navigation System, Cirle) for cataract surgery is an open-source system designed to enhance accurate execution of cataract incision placement, capsulorhexis sizing and centration, toric IOL alignment, and limbal relaxing incision placement.
-Cheryl Guttman Krader; Reviewed by Richard Awdeh, MD

Using optical and digital technology, the system integrates preoperative data and images to provide intraoperative three-dimensional (3-D) image guidance through the oculars of the surgical microscope that enhances the accurate execution of critical surgical steps.

“The heads-up display design means surgeons do not have to move their head away from the microscope while operating, and with the stereo 3-D image, the display guides surgeons through each task at the appropriate anatomic level,” Dr. Awdeh said. “So, the marks for surgical and astigmatic incisions are seen on the cornea, the capsulorhexis guidance is projected at the level of the anterior capsule, and lens alignment marks are seen at the IOL level.”

For surgeons using the Stellaris Vision Enhancement System (Bausch + Lomb), the platform can also display key phaco parameters in the microscope oculars. This feature brings surgeons increased monitoring ease during the entire phaco portion of the case, Dr. Awdeh said.

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US Diagnostic Ophthalmic Devices Market
The market for diagnostic ophthalmic devices continued on a trajectory of considerable growth. The sale of OCTs accounted for over a third of the overall market. This segment is growing rapidly, although at declining rate, and is driving the market’s overall expansion. The overall market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% over the forecast period, with expansion concentrated in the segments for OCTs, ophthalmic data management systems, autorefractor/keratometers and corneal topographers.