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The the U.S. infusion therapy market is a mixture of single-use devices including IV sets and needleless connectors, and the capital purchase of pumps and accompanying software. The market was disrupted by product recalls affecting a significant proportion of installed base units. However, newer pump systems that incorporate additional features, such as wireless capabilities and drug libraries, will enhance patient safety and drive growth in the market.

Trend towards the use of premium-priced products in the U.S.

The U.S. market for infusion therapy, when compared to international markets, is characterized by a large use of premium-priced products which incorporate features that are not always required by practitioners. As a result, the ASP for devices such as IV sets is significantly higher than other parts of the world.

Increase adoption of smart pumps

Smart pumps are devices that monitor doses through preprogrammed drug libraries and determine unit calculations automatically when a drug is selected. These smart pumps lessen the number of complications due to improper dosages and also allow the automatic updating of electronic medical records because of their connection to the electronic system.

Shift Towards Neutral Displacement Needleless Connectors

Problems associated with positive displacement devices have led to a trend towards increasing use of neutral displacement devices which is expected to persist over the forecast period. Neutral displacement devices sell for a significant premium of over 30% compared to other product categories. Companies have invested in the launch of neutral displacement connectors in reaction to the move away from the use of negative and positive displacement devices. While neutral displacement devices still possess a negative displacement it is minimal.